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How to Reverse Park ...

How To Reverse Park ...


Move car forward to the start point: This is 3 parking lines in front of the bay you want to reserve into when that line is half way through the front passenger door.

Before moving backwards, Look around for any approaching pedestrians, Cyclists or other vehicles. When clear, turn and lock out of the back window, and whilst slowly reversing turn the wheel to a full left lock.

Frequently glance into your Right-wing mirror until you see line A appear. Use line “A” as a reference point to guide you into. the bay.

As the car starts to move round into the bay, line “B” will appear in your right-hand wing mirror. Keep checking lines “A” and “B” in both wing mirrors to keep an even distance from them, remember, the slower you do this, the easier it will be.

As soon as lines A and B look parallel with the car in the side mirrors, straighten the wheel up (usually about 1.5 turns from full lock) Remember, if you need to adjust steer towards whichever line you want to get closer to.