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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will the cost be for the state required training program

Answer: The cost for 30 hours of classroom plus 6 hours behind the wheel is $290. We also have a 10 % discount for students.

  1. Are there morning classes available?  What times in the morning are the classes available? What times in the afternoon are your classes available? What is the standard amount of time for each class in the classroom and in the car?


  Answer: At this time we do not provide morning classes. We do provide afternoon class at 6 to 9 pm. Classroom duration is 3 hours and Behind the Wheel takes 2 hours.



  1. What type of documents are required for enrollment? Is a state i.d. necessary?

Answer:  If you are a teenager you need to come here with your parents/mentor. You need to provide us an ID card and your Learner’s permit for behind the wheel which can be your ID.

  1. How many students are in the car at the same time?

Answer: There is just one student in the car.


  1. Are the classes taught in standard American English and not multiple languages?

Answer: Classes will be taught in standard American English.


  1. Do you accompany students for their road test and/or provide the vehicle for the test?

Answer: We accompany students for their road text and we provide a vehicle for their test. Students can take one hour practice before their road test and use of car. The cost is $130.


  1. Do you help adults who are learning to drive?  What about teaching adults is different         from teaching teenagers?  What strategies do you use with adults?

Answer: We help adults and teach them how to drive. We do not have any specific strategy for adults. We provide the standard teaching based on MVA curriculum. Our instructors are experienced and friendly and they use the MVA curriculum as a guide for instruction.


  1. Do you help students with special needs learn to drive?  What different methods do you use to help them?  What kinds of special needs do you address? Are course materials for those with special learning needs offered?

Answer: We provide Diver Education Classes based on the Driver Education curriculum of MVA. We follow standardized material in a standardized format and specific order of instruction.

  1. Do you offer additional in-car instructions outside of those offered in the course?  If so, what is that cost and do the hours count toward the supervised 60 hours as stated by the Maryland MVA?

Answer: We offer extra training behind the wheel to students if we recognize their 6 hours behind the wheel was not enough for them. The cost is $50 for 1 hour, $90 for 2 hours, $170 for 4 hours, $240 for 6 hours, $310 for 8 hours, $375 for 10 hours, $700 for 20 hours, $1300 for 40 hours and $1900 for 60 hours.


  1. Is your company registered and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

Answer: We are a registered and certified new business. And have good standing certification from Department of Assessment and Taxation of the State of Maryland.


  1. What is the student to teacher ratio?  What is a usual class size?

Answer: Our class ratio of students to teacher is 17 to 1.  The usual class size shall not be more than 30 students based on zoning and fire department of Maryland.


  1. Do you supply students with a course textbook? Is the course textbook up-to-date with all of Maryland's current and most recent driving laws?

Answer: We do supply students with an update text books based on Maryland’s current and most recent driving laws.


  1. What styles of learning are available? Do you have both auditory and visual aids available within your instruction? How do you ensure long term retaining of information? How is this applied to the written test as well as in-car instruction and the road test?

Answer: Our styles are based on MVA curriculum. Our classes are equipped with DVD player, white board, projector, screen and TV. Classroom supplies and materials are consists of copies of instructional worksheet, fact sheets, and examinations for each student.  We keep the students record for 3 years according to MVA laws. Once students complete the education program classroom and behind the wheel, we send their certificate to the MVA.




  1. Do you teach the course using photos and video besides just lecturing and writing things on the board or a PowerPoint presentation so that all students can understand the material?

Answer: We also provide photos, videos and PowerPoint in the classroom.


  1. Are the vehicles newer models (less than 5 years old)?  What kinds of models are they?  Sports cars? SUVs? Sedans?  Etc.  Do the instructors have access to their own controls?

Answer: We provide a brand new Toyota Corolla 2016. Which is equipped with instructor dual brake and mirrors and instructors have access to their controls.


  1. Are the cars equipped with the latest safety-related technology related software?

Answer: Our cars are equipped with the latest safety-related technology.


  1. What are the qualifications of the instructors?  How much experience do the instructors have and where could I obtain access to this information?  Are they nice and respectful to all students?

Answer: Our instructor  is qualified based on MVA standards and have instructor’s license issued by the MVA with almost 2 years of experience. And he is very nice and patient and respectful with the students.

  1. Does the school follow all Maryland MVA rules regarding helping students get a license?  Is the school currently accredited by and in good standing with the Maryland MVA?

Answer: YES

  1. Does the school place emphasis on safety? What safety measures are provided in the classroom and in the car?

Answer: Our class place emphasis on safety. Classroom safety confirmed by fire department of City of Rockville. Our car is brand new Toyota and it is in a very good condition.

  1. Can the in-car lessons be conducted in my own car?

Answer: Our car is equipped with instructor dual brake and mirrors and its safety based on MVA laws. We do not teach with other cars.

  1. How many weeks and/or months do the courses take?  How many in-class sessions and how many in-car sessions are there?  Are classes and driving integrated?

Answer: Classroom is 30 hours and it takes 10 days plus 6 hours behind the wheel. Classroom duration is 3 hours and behind the wheel is 2 hours and may not exceed more than 2 hours. Our classroom and behind the wheel are not integrated.



  1. How do you ensure that all paperwork required for MVA’s road test and driving records are kept up-to-date and easily accessible?

Answer: Every students have a file that is retained in their records in our driving school for 3 years. Their records are include of classroom and behind the wheel records, answer sheet and final exam and test scores and in-car evaluation forms.

  1. Does the school have pick-ups and drop-offs for students?  If so, how does that work? What is the maximium location radius?

Answer: We have pick-ups and drop-offs for students in a 10 mile radius.

  1. Do you use driving simulators as part of your training of customers?

Answer: We do not provide any driving simulator.

  1. For drivers who may be nervous about driving, what do you do to decrease nervousness and build confidence?

Answer: We help students  to remain calm and rebuild their confidence. And our qualified driving instructors are specially trained they are knowledgeable and experienced. They are friendly and do not let students to get nervous and remember their vehicles have dual controls.

  1. Can students take the classroom portion of the course without a learner's permit to help them prepare for the test?

Answer: Students can take the courses to help them for the test without having the learner’s permit. Although for behind the wheel they need the learner’s permit.

  1. Do you provide insurance to cover any accidents that might take place?  Is that included in the cost of the lessons?

Answer: We provide insurance to cover any accidents and it is included in the cost of the lessons.

  1. Are the cars licensed and approved by the Maryland MVA?

Answer:  YES

  1. Does your school have a website?  What kind of information can be found there?

Answer: Yes, we have a website. Every information about the classes and prices are on the website.


  1. How long have you been in business?  Have you always had the same name for your school?

Answer: We are in this business from July 19th, 2016 with the same name as Cyrus Driving School.

  1. How many years of experience do your instructors have?  What qualifications must your instructors have?  How do you ensure that they are qualified and experienced to teach students?

Answer: Our instructor is qualified based on MVA standards and have instructor’s license issued by the MVA with almost 2 years of experience. And he is very nice and patient and respectful with the students.

  1. Do you have a way of making sure that instructors stay focused and not provide information to students that is non-essential?  In other words, what quality assurance measures do you have in place to monitor instructors in-class and in-car for their teaching and their teaching style?

Answer: Our school conducts the instructors and also we ask the students about the qualifications of the instructors.

  1. How many times will your school assist with taking the driver’s examination if a student happens to fail?

Answer: If students happen to fail by MVA driver examiner, They need to take more practice by the school and will assist them.

  1. Do you have any reviews or testimonials of positive experiences from past students that I may look over?

Answer: We are a new business and we have not had any reviews, but we will get reviews from our students in the future.